Milliscreen™ Rotary Screen

The original Milliscreen, a self-cleaning, internally fed rotary fine screen was developed by Contra-Shear® – now a Johnson Screens® company. The screen drum, constructed out of Vee-Wire® (perforated plate and mesh also available) ensures a better solids capture rate compared to conventional screens. 

Influent is delivered to the Milliscreen through a pump or by gravity. A weir tank inside the screen drum evens out the flow and presents it tangentially onto the screen surface where solid separation occurs.

Fundamental to the separation process is the "Contra-Shear" action which is produced by the direction of the rotating the screen drum in the opposite direction rotation relative to the direction of the influent flow. A set of internal and external sparge pipes with nozzles ensures the screen surface is maintained clean and free of solids build-up. The separated solids are progressively moved by diverter plates towards the discharge end.

There is a wide range of Milliscreen models capable of handling flow rates from 2.6 gpm / 0.6 m³/hr to 14,795 gpm / 3,360 m³/hr through a single unit. Slot sizes from 0.01 in. / 0.25 mm to 0.24 in. / 6 mm on the Vee-Wire models and 0.04 in. / 1 mm upwards on the perforated plate and mesh models.

The Mini-Milliscreen is a cost-effective solution for smaller screening applications.  It uses the proven Contra-Shear flow concept with its superior solid liquid separation performance in an integrated and compact format.

Milliscreen P² (Perforated Plate)
The Milliscreen P² has all the features of the standard Milliscreen except that the screening medium is perforated plate. The Milliscreen P² was developed as a pre-membrane screen for the removal of hair and other stringy fine matter from the effluent.

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