Sieve Bends

Bilfinger Water Technologies sieve bend screens are used in static sieves for either dewatering or classification. Slurry flows by gravity over an inclined screen surface. Screen wires, which are perpendicular to flow, slice away a layer of slurry. The wires can be as narrow as 50 µm and up in 25 µm increments. This creates a sieve, which presents more edges to the flow for superior separation efficiency.

The dewatering capability of the screen is determined by the percent of open area. Bilfinger Water Technologies has the capability to provide up to 50 percent more open area, because of our greater range of narrower wire profiles. Hard chroming of the wear surface is also available as an option.

To facilitate easier handling of larger width sieve bends, particularly 59 in. / 1.5 m and over, Bilfinger Water Technologies has developed an innovative split sieve concept. With greater awareness of manual handling restrictions, this design offers a simple, economical benefit by reducing the physical size and also the screen weight.

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